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Position yourself at the forefront of the financial revolution by having your very own cryptocurrency digital asset exchange

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Passive Income

With years of experience in building large consumer applications in various industries we can now provide a turn-key solution that allows you to earn a passive income through trading and listing fees.


With multiple pricing levels including frees options available we can tailor a package to suit any budget, if you are looking to run a small hobby operation or a full scale global enterprise we can help you along your journey to success.

Full time Support

We offer full technical support for all of our products & services. We can help with you with your server setup, server hosting and all aspect of running a large scale exchange, Our team has a wealth of knowledge and are here waiting to help 24/7.


Our platform is highly scalable and robust solutions with horizontal scaling of both the Web and API independently allowing you to assign the resource where its needed most. All transactions are atomic and processed in realtime.